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The world is getting scarier, ambulances aren’t showing up in good time, hospital wait times are getting longer and the NHS is struggling. But would you even know the first thing to do if someone collapsed in front of you? And did you know that you would be held responsible if it happened on your company premises? By learning the basics of First Aid you will keep your family’s and workplaces safer as well as easing pressure on the NHS by sending people in need to the correct places first time, and avoiding the dreaded 4+ hour A+E wait times.

At Prima Cura Training we offer a range of courses in First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, Health and Social Care and Health and Safety. But we don’t believe in teaching you in an abundance of detail where it isn’t necessary. We want you to come away from our training having had fun and most importantly remembered what you were taught, so you can feel confident in your ability to us the knowledge should you need it.

By the end of one of our courses we won’t have:

Turned you into a paramedic
Turned you into a counsellor
Turned you into a nurse
Give you the ability to diagnose issues or prescribe mediation
Or turned you into an EXPERT in any field that we teach

But what we will have done is given you the confidence you need to direct people to the correct place to get further assistance. Given you a sense of calm that will help you in crisis situations, like when your elderly relative decides now is a perfect time to have a heart attack, or a child trips and breaks their leg.
We teach you it’s not your responsibility to fix the problem, but to offer a helping hand. We teach you all the important bits to keep those important to you safe.

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