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The world of commercial insurance can sometimes bewilder even the most experienced business person and frankly speaking, insurance ‘salespeople’ can often attract a fair amount of criticism.

We believe that every business should have insurance that is appropriate and fit for purpose and take great pride in the thoroughness of the business insurance review process that we offer to all clients and potential clients.

Often, we save you money simply by ensuring that you have insurance appropriate to your needs and in doing this we develop trust, leaving you secure in the knowledge that we never ‘sell’ a product but just give you all the help you need to make an informed decision and then deal with the insurers on your behalf.

Unlike many other insurers we see our regular policy reviews as an opportunity to streamline insurance spend, maintaining an appropriate level of cover and organising policies to reduce risk profile, while often reducing costs.

H2i is supported by Momentum Insurance Services, this not only gives us increased presence, market influence and buying power it also affords us complete confidence in the highly regulated area of financial compliance.

Trust is the non-negotiable part of our business that helps us to flourish in a competitive market.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to work as part of the business community as a responsible employer and provider of dependable commercial insurance advice, committed to excellence in everything that we do and determined to maintain the highest possible ethical and professional standards.

Mission Statement

H2i provide clear, dependable and straightforward commercial insurance advice to businesses throughout the UK. We aim to grow our business through client referrals and where appropriate, the acquisition of other respected insurance agencies.

We will continue to represent our industry in the most positive manner possible and provide the very best service for those that put their trust in us to act as honest broker in the provision of appropriate cover for their business. We will also assist in the process of making claims, ensuring that those responsible for settling these claims are held accountable to their word.

Our growth will continue to be steady and sustainable based on our long-held principles of service, professional courtesy and respect for every partner, employee, client and supplier that

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