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3DL training prides itself on the quality of it’s teaching. Our trainers have experience in First Aid and Mental Health First Aid and train with authority. We believe a lot of training around first aid goes into too much medical detail that everyday workplace First Aiders do not need to do their job as a First Aider.

If you have to visit A&E they plan on a 4 hour turn around. In 4 hours they have either patched you up or moved you elsewhere in the hospital for a doctor more experienced in your condition to look after you We believe a First Aider should aim to work for no longer than 30 minutes. In 30 minutes a First Aider has stuck a plaster on and said “There, there, it’s going to be ok” or there are Paramedics in their green pyjamas coming through the door to take over because it is beyond the skills of the First Aider.

We also run courses for people who wish to work as First Aid providers. These courses go further into depth around the more medical side of First Aid. Mental Health First Aid we aim to teach people how to deal with issues that arise with colleagues in the work place around mental health issues, Depression, Anxiety, Stress etc. This is not to teach how to be a Councillor but just a point of contact that can direct people to further help

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