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I’ve spent almost two decades building a business with a proposition geared around delivering exceptional service to businesses operating a smaller vehicle fleet. That’s typically a fleet of between 1 and 100 vehicles.

I started the business from with a blank sheet – no prior industry experience, no ‘bad habits’ and no prior misconceptions of what our service should look like. What I did have was passion, tenacity and a real interest in delivering a new experience within a very segmented industry sector.

Writing and implementing systems and processes. Setting best practice and high standards. Recruiting, building, leading and inspiring a team. Learning from errors, and importantly, learning from others – all essentials parts of the Concept DNA today.

Now I’m proud to say that we have built a business which can be recognised as an authority in our space. The business has been designed with the very best mix of traditional vehicle leasing / contract hire along with true fleet management consultancy for the smaller fleet.

The complexity of modern-day business and mobility provides a challenge which I personally relish. I’m passionate about getting to know a business – really getting under the ‘skin’ – working with the business team and management to seek opportunity for improvement, efficiency and value.

Small Fleet doesn’t mean small business – we work with clients which include Blue Chip, SME and micro businesses. There is no ‘one-size’ fits all approach at Concept; I’m passionate about delivering our award-winning service to clients of all shapes and sizes.

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