Pricing & FAQ

Joining Fee : £149 (One-off joining fee for new members)
Monthly Subscription : £90/month**
(this is includes breakfast cost of £17.50 fortnightly at your regular group and a monthly subscription of £55)

Regular attendance is crucial to yield tangible results from networking as it allows you to develop meaningful connections with your fellow members.

Our membership plan is straightforward and comprises a £55 monthly subscription charge, along with an additional £35 per calendar month for breakfast at your chosen 'Core' group - resulting in a total of £90 per month.
Furthermore, there is a one-time joining fee of £149 for new members.

You are free to participate in any of our other groups by booking and paying online, in the same way as you would as a visitor (Members can book additional meetings at a preferential rate of £15).
There will also be plenty of opportunities to substitute for another absent member at other groups and enjoy a free breakfast.

Since we do not follow a contract-based model, you are free to terminate your membership anytime.

** Monthly payment is by Direct Debit only ** (this is non-negotiable).


Neil Phillipson


Connect Surrey has made a huge difference to our business, doubling our turnover in the first year of our membership and steadily providing good quality, worthwhile referrals ever since. We've been members for around five years now and having tried other breakfast clubs and networking events, this has been by far the most successful, and the most fun!

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